Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration

painting by Lynn Miller

Lynn Miller will guide you toward your inner truths through chakra balancing. In this verbal process, she attunes and reads the energy of the chakras while in dialogue with the participant. The stressed chakra and the consiousness of the chakra are identified as well as underlying emotions, beliefs and life circumstances that are causing the imbalance.

Through further energy reading and process, she guides the participant to resolve the core issues affecting the chakra. Self-care strategies are identified for practical life homework as part of the integration process. Clients come into clear expression of their chakras from in-session and at home application.

Mental, spiritual and physical health can be impacted by a chakra operating at a diminished level. The challenges and depth of pain linked to ones history indicates a chronically blocked or congested chakra.  Therefore, it is essential for regular chakra clearing and strengthening to be an essential part of health and well-being.

Testimonial “It has been easy to integrate the personal instructions Lynn gave me for continuing the work outside the sessions. Every day is a step forward.”

About Chakras

Chakras are energy centers located from the base of the spine up through the top of the head. They manage the flow of life energy between others, the environment, body and energy fields. When the chakras are functioning properly, they open and close emitting and receiving energy as they respond to the world. When we had too much or too little of life’s circumstances (such as too much responsibility or not enough attention), especially in childhood, our chakras formed patterns of too open, closed or congestion in an attempt to filter the energy. These established patterns become our soul patterns-what we came in this life to learn?

Soul Evolution and Consciousness

The chakras are consciousness or awareness centers governing our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. They hold the energy of our beliefs around certain situations, memories, relationships and emotions. This energy influences the way we act, think or respond to others and events in our lives.

Energetically we attract circumstances and opportunities in our life to rebalance the chakra and create wholeness. When our chakra is clear we respond with ease around the governing issue of the chakra. When our chakra is out of balance we experience challenges connected to the life issues corresponding to that energy center. When chronic chakra imbalances appear, it is evidence of unresolved, conflicted or incomplete life experiences.

Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration helps to balance the chakras, resolve emotional pain and provides tools for integration

Lynn Miller was trained in Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration by founder and author Where Body Meets Soul, Elizabeth Frediani and has a Vibrational Medicine certificate by Joy Gardner.