photo by Julie Weber

Music soothes the soul. Musical involvement helps the participant focus on their strengths, thus providing ways in which those strengths can benefit other aspects of their life.  Music can be used to express feelings, get in touch with inner self, develop coping skills for challenging situations, reduce stress and build confidence. Creativity is an essential element in well-being, improving quality of life.

Music therapy is for both musicians and those who have no previous musical experience.

If you have performance anxiety, have been wounded from harsh training or were told you were “not good enough,” Lynn can help you build confidence and find joy again in your music through a supportive non-judgmental  approach.

Music therapy improves the quality of life for persons who are well and meets the needs of children and adults with physical, emotional, social or cognitive challenges. Music bridges cultures, abilities and generations. Music is a connector-to self, other and something greater than self.

Music therapy interventions can be designed to:

photo Julie Weber

photo Julie Weber

  • promote wellness
  • manage stress
  • express feelings
  • promote positive state of mind
  • improve communication
  • enhance spiritual connection
  • raise self esteem

You may come to a Music therapy session if you are experiencing

  • depression
  • physical illness
  • stress
  • life changes
  • anxiety
  • difficulty expressing emotions

Some attend Music therapy sessions for Personal Growth, Creative Expression or Fun!!

Testimonial “I was pleasantly surprised at how Lynn helped me unearth and identify hidden conflicts that I was completely unaware of, and then helped me clear them and move on, through music!”

Below are videos sharing some of the work Lynn did in a Philadelphia hospital. She utilizes easy to play high quality instruments in her sessions. This boosts self-esteem and communication skills.


Lynn Miller, uses Freenotes (xylo-chime) and the Svaraveena (stringed instrument) to promote well-being in the hospital setting. In this example a nurses aide is communicating with a patient through music to help build their relationship.

Lynn plays the Svaraveena with a patient who plays the Metalophone. Both instruments are made by SVARAM instruments in India.  The camera pans to a painting in the room that Lynn painted.