Effortless music making, the music will play you!

Freenotes musical instruments are carefully designed for unlocking an individual’s innate creative potential, allowing the universal language of music to be expressed more by feeling and intuition than hours of disciplined practice. Freenotes musical instruments require only the simplest of playing techniques to produce pure, soothing, healing music.

Freenotes instruments are related to the beautiful gamelan instruments of Java and Bali, where nearly all people play music. These Xylo-chimes, played with mallets are built over a resonator creating rich celestial tones. Any note played sounds beautiful, opening possibilities for anyone to experience the deep pleasure of playing music.

Freenotes makes it easy to “get out of the way” and get into the sound.  They are built sturdily and will not go out of tune. Freenotes are tuned in a Pentatonic scale, which is in harmony with itself. The Pentatonic scale is utilized in Asian music, folk and rock. It is a versatile, universal scale.