You can empower yourself with your voice.

photo by Julie Weber

photo by Julie Weber

SpiritVoice is for those interested in developing their natural voice, cultivating personal power, singing their soul song and expressing their inner music. This is done through vocal improvisation. Vocal improvisation is creating in the present moment. Improvisation is a Mindfullness approach which develops creativity, spontaneity, connectivity, self-expression. and comfort with the unknown. Lynn creates a safe environment through simple improvisational structures. Chakra sounds, toning and chants are also utilized to connect with self, others and the Divine.

You will not only improve your singing voice, your whole self will benefit. The voice is the instrument of the body, expressing  who we are and what we feel.

Emotionally, singing is a vehicle to express emotions, socially it gives us a sense of belonging and spiritually connects us to our soul and something larger than our self.

Physically, singing reduces stress by: increasing dopamine (feel good), oxytocin (bonding), endorphins (positive feelings)  and lowers cortisol (stress reducer).  Singing also stimulates the Vagus nerve which relaxes the nervous system. It is a communicator to the heart, gut, brain. Vagus nerve stimulation lowers blood pressure, improves sleep and stimulates the immune system.




So why not sing? Sing for your health and well-being! It’s fun!

Spiritvoice workshopFree inhibitions and broaden your range of expression with supportive one on one sessions with Lynn Miller. Learn fun exercises to break inhibitions, develop tonal quality, proper breathing and placement of the voice. Whether you are an experienced singer or someone who has a desire to sing with more confidence, Lynn can help you develop your voice and allow your true voice to emerge.

    • strengthen your inner instrument
    • expand your tonal quality and range
    • develop breath control
    • develop your ear




Lynn and Eric Miller are presenting a vocal improvisation exercise in India for a BioGuided Music therapy presentation.


Private Zoom or Skype sessions available. Please inquire.