SpiritArts, Transformation Through Creating Art, Music and Dance is intended to help you develop a spiritual practice through  art making and to develop art making through a spiritual path. Learn how the principles of creating from within are similar to the principles of basic spirituality. Through these principles you can develop your inner artist, musician, and dancer whether one is a beginner or experienced artist. Learn how to connect with a deeper part of self through the arts process. When we step out of the way, we can be guided into the flow state. This opens our energy to being present, trusting intuition, making the art of living alot more fun! The exercises throughout the book vary from energetic meditations, methods and processes for creative expression from our soul.    Chapters include:

SECTION 1: THE METHOD/ The 4-Step Process

Creativity, Improvisation and Spirit * Spirituality and the Creative Process * Facing Fears * Cultivating Awareness * Facing the Unknown * Surrender


Spirit of Music Improvisation * Exploring the Voice * Spirit of Musical Instruments * Exploring Scales * Exploring Free Improvisation * Inner Dance * Spirit of Visual Art * Drawing on the Outer and Inner World * Spirit Painting


The Shadow * Expressing Feelings * Witnessing * Healing Vibrationally * Toning * Balancing Chakras through Sound and Color * Integration

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Spirit Arts Book




“I have read many books about the arts and spirituality over my lifetime and I am astonished by Lynn Miller’s  SpiritArts! It may be one of the most important summations of the world’s present ways of becoming aware and involved with the “Artist” that we are born as.

I have known this renaissance person for many years and have always been inspired and impressed by her genius talents in dance, painting, sculpture, music, art, creative arts therapy and healing. SpiritArts, is simply the best and most informative text on the  “Arts” that I am aware of. Lynn’s style of writing is inviting, friendly and easy to understand, as if you were listening to one telling the ‘Truth’. Her humanism is clear and her research is impressive.

The personal stories of her experiences also give us a feeling of the common touch and helps readers become informed about the miracle that we are all born as gifted creative humans and that we are meant to be our unique expressive self. There is nobody like us!!! We are each unique!!! We humans need to express ourselves daily through our chosen Art and with kindness toward all of life. I highly recommend this superb book. Lynn has written perhaps the seminal book of our time in the allied arts and what they mean.”

 David Darling Grammy Award winning cellist, composer and teacher

“Lynn Miller’s writing shows she has walked the path of creative spirituality with element of dance, song and visual art. She has evolved a body-centered method that draws from these avenues of expression. Lynn has integrity as an artist; she incubates big ideas and brings them to life in personal and community ritual. This book is a collection of her main techniques, presented in easy to read language so that you, too can join her and find your own artistic fulfillment.”

James Oshinsky, Ph.D. is a psychologist and musician. He is the author of Music for People’s book on improvisation and facilitation, Return to Child. He teaches at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY.

“I love SpiritArts! I could not agree more with Lynn Miller: Reconnecting people to their own inner artist (what ever the modality) and spiritual seeker is essential in these times for humankind. SpiritArts is a devotional life’s work which brilliantly and completely offers the information, tools, support, guidance and inspiration any seeker or teacher needs on this quest. Lynn’s delicate, loving, mindful, and deeply respectful style shine through making this important contribution to the Healing/ Expressive Arts, easy to read, understand and use. What an achievement!”

Aviva Gold ATR BC, Art Medicine Woman, therapist, teacher and author of Painting from the Source, Awakening the Artists Soul in Everyone.


Spirit Arts is the book I reach for when I need the inspiration, confirmation and guidance to become my best self. It’s kind, nurturing approach puts the creative process into words that help me identify where I am and where I need to go. In numerous specific, easy to understand exercises, it allows anyone to enter the process from wherever they are, whatever their range of experience: from the total novice exploring possibilities, to the experienced professional.

Miller reveals how each art form–visual art, movement, and music–is related in its creative beginnings, and encourages us to try more than one, making it easy to imagine success. She relates deeply personal stories from her own life about how exercises worked for her. The section on Arts and Healing bespeaks long experience with clients and contains most valuable activities for improvement.

This book is a treasure trove of ideas for arts facilitators and teachers. It is a beautiful object simply to hold in one’s hands, clearly organized and stunningly illustrated with Miller’s artwork. It is a gift for anyone who wishes to open to creativity and find their authenticity, or just learn more about themselves.

Jane Buttars PhD, music performer, teacher, recording artist