Mystical and Sensual Sounds … Lynn Miller invites the listener to connect with heart, body, and soul to take in the sounds, language, and emotions of her voice. The tones that emerge through her are sensual, haunting, and profoundly familiar. The prayerful selection #7, Earth, is exceptional. Mystic Song reminds us that cultures blend and language is more that vocabulary. We ultimately communicate through energy, emotion, and meaning that springs from our spirits.

— Elizabeth Frediani, Author, Healer


Uplifting! Upbeat! Inspirational! … “This is a GREAT CD!”, my husband and I kept repeating over and over to each other as we listened to each track of Mystic Song on our long car drive back from Philadelphia. Lynn Miller took us on an emotional, engaging musical journey: from deeply reflective to uplifting and inspirational. We can see listening to this CD over and over: from background music with friends over to solitary meditation. BUY IT! … you won’t be disappointed!

— Vera Shanov, Marketing Professor

Mystic Song by Lynn Miller is a beautiful, passionate, authentic, soulful offering of songs from the heart to the Ancestors. Lynn embodies freedom and depth of creative expression in all its fullness and beauty, by having powerfully and skillfully tapped into the natural, universal flow of spirit voices.

Lynn’s beautiful voice takes us with her on her spirit journeys through what she calls mystic songs, using mystic language which feels like a beautiful, authentic, and cross-cultural language of the heart. Her enchanting melodies make us delve into the heart’s oceanic depths of feelings, only to then lift us up as we soar with her above ancient and new soundscapes where our souls long to return to, the realm where the heart and soul open up to play, and express and create beauty passionately.

Through her gifts of mystic songs, Lynn uniquely invites us to remember our vibrantly alive, blissful, passionate, and authentic spiritual nature. I find myself gratefully accepting her invitation each time I listen to her CD.

— Joelle Danant, Musician