SpiritVoice is for those who want to sing.

Through the SpiritVoice method you will not only improve your singing voice, your whole self will benefit. The voice is the instrument of the body, expressing  who we are and what we feel. Physically singing can reduce stress, emotionally it is a vehicle to express emotions, socially it gives us a sense of belonging and spiritually connects us to our soul and something larger than ourself.

SpiritVoice is for those interested in developing their natural voice, cultivating personal power, singing their soul song and expressing their inner music. This is done through vocal improvisation, sound healing techniques and developing musicianship skills. Improvisation is creating “in the moment.” This requires deep listening, allowing the mind to quiet.  When we improvise, we face the unknown. This process can help one face their fears, developing courage and trust.

Vocal improvisation develops:

  • singers

    photo ©Julie Weber

    Listening to self and others

  • Expression which brings self-empowerment
  • Creating in the moment which brings presence
  • Letting go of judgement  which brings acceptance
  • Community building


Participants will develop musicianship skills through vocal techniques and practices that develop skills in melody, harmony and rhythm. Group singing and development of powerful solos are explored in the group setting.

SpiritVoice is open to singers of all levels of experience and may be of interest to other musicians, music therapists, educators, psychologists, body workers, yoga practitioners and other health professionals.

Come to a workshop or inquire about a personal or Skype session.

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