Zen Harp


Lynn Miller with ZenHarp & FreeNote Xylo-chimes

This new Indian instrument is a hybrid which combines two ancient traditional instruments into one, the tampura and the harp. You can play the two instruments together or separately. The hypnotic tones take one out of the mind and into the sound. The rich vibrations of the tampura are trancelike creating a relaxation response. It has 4 bass strings that create a continuous vibrational drone. The drone creates the ground or tonic for singing and improvisational playing with the harp or other instruments.

The soothing sounds of the harp has 15 strings that can be tuned in two octave scales. The harp can play the melody, an arpegio for another to improvise with or a waterfall harp sound. The harp can be tuned in Eastern and Western scales as well as modes. Scale diagrams and easy tuning instructions are included. The Zenharp has guitar tuning pegs and comes with a softshell case and a pair of strings.  This lightweight, easy to carry instrument is a shape of a rectangular box.

The Zenharp is great for accompanying  singers and for kirtans. It is a perfect instrument for yoga centers and as a sound healing tool. This lightweight instrument can lay on the body for a vibrational healing treatment. The vibrations move energy within the body into balance. This unique instrument sounds beautiful, if you listen, the sound will guide you. The Zenharp plays itself with pleasing healing sounds. The Zenharp is great for exploration. It is harmonius with the Native flute, Freenotes and Art drums. This  new instrument created from the flavors of ancient Indian instruments  does not have a history so there is freedom to play, improvise and explore it in your own way.

$350. plus shipping – please contact for quote

Check out this video of Lynn Miller playing the Zen Harp and singing!