Relax your mind and body with a Tibetan Sound Bowl Treatment.Lynn bowl 2 cropped A sound bowl treatment reduces stress, quiets the mind and nervous system while putting one in a relaxed state. The treatment eases anxiety can reduce pain, awaken creativity and improve quality of life.The vibrations from the bowls create an internal massage. These vibrations generate a sympathetic resonance which communicates to the cells. The sound waves produce movement which gently breaks up stagnant or congested energy, harmonizing the system.

According to the late Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, an oncologist who worked with sound with his cancer patients stated: “If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiological functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.”

This chart is a brain map of my brain for an EEG Pilot Study on the Effects of Tibetan Bowls. Tibetan Bowls EEGThe measurements indicate a normalizing effect on the absolute power and most other frequencies compared to the baseline.  During the Tibetan bowl treatment I sensed feeling connected to “universal energy.”Lynn Miller and her husband Dr. Eric Miller will have further results in their research on Music and Neuromodualtion published in July 2017. Miller, E. B., Miller, L., Turner, R., & Evans, J.R. (2017). The Use of Music for Neuromodulation. In Evans, J. R., & Turner, R. (Eds.), Rhythmic Stimulation Procedures in Neuromodulation. Amsterdam: Academic Press.

During a Tibetan sound bowl treatment, the participant checks in with the practitioner on their goals for the session. They lie down fully clothed. The bowls are placed on or around the body, dependent on the intention and condition. Other sound healing tools such as the voice, flutes, Freenotes, Gongs, chimes may be utilized as needed.

Lynn has a gift of moving energy with her voice which is a great compliment to the Tibetan bowls. She tunes into the client with unconditional love, allowing tones or melodies to emerge through Divine guidance.The voice may be utilized passively where the client receives the sounds or actively when she works with the client to move energy with their voice when appropriate. The voice is a natural vibrational tool which works well with the Tibetan bowls. The Tibetan bowls can also be used for supporting chanting for well-being.

Stress is a number one cause of health problems and depression. De-stress with a Tibetan bowl treatment to open the heart to joy and the magic in life through high vibrations!

Testimonials:  “I had never experienced sound healing before. My whole body actually hummed/vibrated/resonated/ with the sound of the bowls and Lynn’s voice. So amazing!”

“I felt a huge positive shift within myself from the very first visit.”

“The entire session was calm, yet energizing. Lynn really has a gift and does a good job sharing it.”

Call or email to set up an appointment or for additional information. Lynn is also available for   concerts, classes and sound workshops that meet the needs of your specific audience.

30 minute personal session: $45.    60 minute personal session $75.   

(package: 3, 1 hr. personal sessions $195.)  Committing to a series brings deeper results.

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