Svaram Instruments are unique handcrafted instruments made in India by sound healer Aurellio who began a vocational school to teach skills in instrument making to the Tamil people, whose tribes date back to 2,000 years ago. They now have a wonderful business selling high quality handcrafted instruments.  Most are tuned in a Pentatonic scale making them in harmony with themselves so anyone can play. This makes them an ideal tool for music therapy and anyone who wants to play music without years of education. The resonance of the instruments makes them an ideal sound healing tool. The sound is superb also making them attractive to the seasoned musician.

The SvaraVeena, is modeled from a Finnish Svaraveenafolk zither, which had an important place in sacred ceremonies, healing rituals, recitations as well in the celebration and beautification of life. The SvaraVeena is generally tuned in an Am Pentatonic scale. It can be strummed, chorded and plucked for melody making. This is a perfect instrument for improvisation. There are no wrong notes, as it is in harmony with itself. It sounds wonderful with an Am Native flute or a Cmaj Freenotes. Great instrument to express yourself whether you have music experience or not.  Lynn is available for private or skype lessons if needed. The following video I demonstrate some Svaraveena techniques. The second video is a patient at a hospital I worked at in front of one of the murals I painted to create a healing environment in an institutional setting.