Native Flutes

Cherry flute handcrafted by Judy Robinson

The Native flute has harmonious sounds connected to nature that sooth the body, soul and spirit. This instrument is made to play from the heart and what you feel. It is great for improvisation, allow the sound to guide you from one note to the next. You can play without previous musical experience. Native flutes are handmade and specially crafted. Contact Lynn Miller to inquire about available flutes and prices.

The Native flute is a great Healing tool

The breath helps us relax and go into a meditative state. Lynncropped fluteThe tonal quality and sound gives us feedback on how relaxed we are. To get a pleasing tonal quality it is important to relax with a gentle breath. Hold the flute in a relaxed stance covering the holes without too much pressure. Come to Flute Haven Native Flute School to develop skills in playing. It’s fun! There will also be master flute makers there selling their hand-crafted flutes.

I am a music therapist. I play the Native flute in the hospital for relaxation and to help people to sleep and control their pain. When the flute sounds everyone is calmer-the nurses, doctors, the patients and myself. Here I am playing in front of a mural I painted in the hospital.