Expressive Arts Workshop: Trusting the Process


The New Year is often a time for thinking about new beginnings and goals we would like to achieve. How do we set our sails of intention and then trust the wind and water currents to take us to the place we are meant to be. The journey can include turbulence, sudden changes in direction, and unexpected happenings. How do we use these as opportunities for showing up in the present moment and learning to Trust the Process even more.

Join Lynn Miller MA and Sue Mistretta MA, Expressive Arts therapists, for a day of self discovery through interweaving visual art, sound vibration, writing and guided imagery with the theme of “Trusting the Process.”

The arts are a window of our soul. Sounds and imagery can help us go deep within our inner landscape. You do not need experience in the arts with this safe group process.

Develop skills in:

Listening through our hearts and imagination

Finding Inner resources through the Creative Arts

Mindfulness practices through the arts

Painting from within with acrylic paints


The workshop includes vibrational treatments with tibetan sound bowls and the Svaram soundbed, a massage table with 50 strings underneath it. The vibrational treatment clears energy and supports receptivity and integration.

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