Sound Healing/Sound bed

Sound Healing

When we are out of balance we feel a disharmony. This disharmony can manifest with unclear thinking or static, stress, physical symptoms or fatigue. This is our body speaking to us, a signal for us to look at something, feel something, notice something. Therapeutic Sound Healing can restore the body/mind/spirit, back to harmony. Come for a “tune up.”

Lynn has a unique tool, a Svaram soundbed. The Soundbed is a wooden massage table with 50 strings underneath. As one lays on the table, Lynn plays the strings underneath.The vibrations come through the wood stimulating  the cells in the body. This acoustical massage gives a harmonizing effect achieving deep relaxation and integration. The vibrations nurture the emotional-physical system which can move energy releasing blockages. This can create an opening where many people experience inner visions and self-realization. This tuning of the system leaves a feeling of regeneration, well-being and harmony.

testimonials: “Experiencing the sound bed was truly transcending. The sounds and the vibrationsplaying under soundbed really transported me into a deep, calm peace, and it felt very healing to both my body and mind. I felt like I could have absolutely laid there for hours drinking in the resonance. There was also something specifically about the way Lynn played the sound bed strings that was so all-encompassing; you almost feel that she’s sensing what it is you need next.”

under soundbed“It’s a bevy of totally hypnotic and relaxing sensations that continue to stay with you long after it’s over. It’s no exaggeration to say it gave me a heightened awareness of a universal, unconditional love and joy. I also slept better that night than I had in a long time. I highly, highly recommend trying this and seeing for yourself.”

Pilot Research on the Soundbed 

Sound healing brain mapThis is my brain while having a soundbed treatment. Notice the extreme difference in my brain evident in the color changes from the baseline to the soundbed treatment. The sound bed normalized alpha, beta and high beta absolute power by decreasing it, while also decreasing absolute power in delta and theta, but to abnormally low levels. This then made the relative power in alpha very abnormally high at all sites, and to a lesser extent in beta and high beta as well. Frontal alpha Soundbed qEEGcoherence was greatly increased. During the 50-string sound bed treatment I was feeling the presence of a deceased family member and felt held by them.

Sound and vibration can change brainwave patterns which alters consciousness. In this case, increased Alpha is a state of deep relaxation which can allow the mind/body to relax and heal.

Lynn Miller and her husband Dr. Eric Miller will have further results in their research on Music and Neuromodualtion published in July 2017. Miller, E. B., Miller, L., Turner, R., & Evans, J.R. (2017). The Use of Music for Neuromodulation. In Evans, J. R., & Turner, R. (Eds.), Rhythmic Stimulation Procedures in Neuromodulation.. Amsterdam: Academic Press

According to the late Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, author of “The Power of Sound (2002),” sound:

  • Alters cellular function through energetic effects
  • Entrains biological systems to function more homeostatically
  • Calms the mind, therefore the body
  • May have emotional effects which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides which help to regulate the immune system (the healer within.

During a Therapeutic Sound treatment, Lynn may use the sound bed, her voice, the SvaraVeena, Native flutes, Freenotes, gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks or her Art drums with the Lynnbowl croppedobjective of  clearing out distractions from our true essence. The instruments chosen are intuited by each individual situation or preference from the participant.

Lynn has a special gift to move energy with her voice. Her voice is a beautiful compliment to the soundbed treatment or can stand alone for a vocal vibrational treatment. One may also be encouraged to use their own voice to shift energy. The sounding gently massages molecules back into the right places, clearing blockages and restoring harmony.

Call or email to set up an appointment for a Sound healing session

30 minutes $45.   60 minutes $75.  (3-1hr session package $195.) A sound commitment will bring better results.


Lynn has released a CD, Mystic Song, which is being used by healers and bodyworkers to assist in the healing process.

Mystic song CD

Mystic song CD

CD review by craniosacral therapist Eve Kodiak:

I know that cerebral spinal fluid sympathetically responds to vibration.  The right frequencies can actually create positive physical effects. As I played Mystic Song for my clients, I would feel sutures opening, fascia releasing, the whole  body/mind/spirit complex reorganizing.