Transformative Arts

When you create, you are giving birth, causing something to come into being. Transform your inner story through art, music and movement exploration.

painting by Lynn Miller

The arts are the language of the soul. This non-linear language connects us with our sub-conscious, emotions, and our inner essence. Transformative arts can be used to communicate messages of the body, express feelings and connect with our higher selves.

You will be gently guided using visual art, music, and/or your voice to tap into inner knowing. The expressive arts can be used by anyone regardless of artistic experience, to create profound changes within. Discover the well of resources that lie within through the arts.

Whether you are a trained artist or musician or just love the arts, you have a  birthright to express yourself creatively. Many of us did when we were children-or perhaps you didn’t get that opportunity and desire it. Through an improvisational or Mindfullness approach.

Allow Lynn Miller to guide you toward your inner artist or musician.

Express yourself through Music

Music Improvisation is creating music in the moment. It is deep listening to the sounds of your instrument and being guided by the sound. This helps take us out of our thinking mind, or the judge.  Then the magic begins.

Music Improvisation develops:

photo ©Julie Weber

  • Greater self-expression
  • Self-esteem
  • Connection with self and others
  • More spontaneity
  • Being in the moment

There are no wrong notes when we are creating our musical expression in the moment, yet there are tools for developing our inner music.

Express yourself through Art

Most of us are visually oriented. Before we could speak, painting classwe thought in images. The soul speaks symbolically through images. (like in our dreams). We have many images stored within us. Creating art is a way to express our inner images and feelings.

How do I choose the material or art form?  Listen, how do you feel right now? Do you need a 3D quality-to wrap your hand around, such as clay? Do you like form such as dolls or masks? Do you want watercolors for flow or acrylics for their versatility?  How about healing colors, like stained glass?

Where does inspiration come from? It comes from the space that is formless. Facing the blank page can feel like a void. Let Lynn guide you to approach it with abandonment, like a child. Surrender to the materials and let them guide you. There is magic in the unknown.

Set up a personal session to explore your inner artist or musician or come to a workshop check events page.

1 hour personal session $75. / 90 minutes $90.  (package: 3 / 90 min. sessions for $250.) When we commit to ongoing sessions there will be deeper results.

The session can be mixed with Energy healing such as: Chakra balancingSound healing or a Tibetan bowl massage