Community Arts Bio

Community Arts Bio

Lynn Miller has a passion for bringing the arts to the community and creating community through the arts. She has spearheaded and organized murals and festivals which have changed the community.

Firebird Festival

Lynn was the founder of the Firebird Festival. Last year was the eighth year which attracted 10,000 people. Originally she organized artists to build a 20′ wooden Phoenix sculpture in Phoenixville, PA. The community makes over 100 clay birds that are fired when the sculpture is bonfired. This festival depicts the important transformation story of death and rebirth. The whole town becomes a performance art venue with street performers, musicians and craft vendors in mid December. Lynn codirects a 20 piece improv orchestra with the telling of the Phoenix myth at the Colonial Theatre the night of the event.

Mosaic Murals

Lynn organized community built mosaic murals in her town Phoenixville, PA and two in Switzerland. Community volunteers helped design, install the tiles and grout. Murals help bring pride and beauty to the community.

Giant Puppets

Lynn sponsored Giant puppet builds at her studio for the Celebrating Diversity Parade in Phoenixville, PA and created community puppet builds in Switzerland for fmusic festivals. Large scale puppets are larger than life which generates imagination and connect people to something greater than themselves.