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SpiritArts is a method developed by Lynn Miller to connect to our authentic self and true essence. This process is supported through Mindfullness, creative arts and therapeutic sound. A Mindfulness approach is non-judgmental moment to moment  attention to what is happening which creates well being. Developing the creative self helps one to live life in full-expression, acknowledging the power within.  Lynn has written a guide book, SpiritArts, Transformation through Creating Art, Music and Dance, on the power of creative expression and how it can shift energy and heal through an improvisational approach. Creating “in the moment” teaches spontaneity, trust in the unknown and deep listening. This path of creating through Mindfullness and Spirituality principles, helps us move and change in transformative ways.

Lynn offers personal sessions and workshops at the Healing Arts Studio in Phoenixville, PA. She also teaches at conferences and workshops nationally and internationally. Check the Events page periodically for workshops she is facilitating.

Personal sessions

Some of her offerings include Sound Healing, Vocal Coaching and Creative arts

Lynn is very excited to announce she has a sound bed with 50 strings under it used for a vibrational treatment.  The harp like sounds move through the body promoting peace and deep relaxation.   For additional information visit the Sound Healing page. Introductory Special, $15. off/ only $50.hr.soundbed playing


Lynn sells unique instruments that are accessible to play without years of training as most of themLynndrumtree are in harmony with themselves. Aurelio, from Svaram instruments made the unique Sound bed. Lynn sells the Svaram Svaraveena, a small harp like instrument which soothes the heart and soul. She also carries Freenotes  designed by Richard Cooke to produce pure, soothing, healing music. Lynn personally paints Art drums which have a powerful resonance and overtones for healing.

All of these instruments assist the SpiritArts philosophy, “we all have creative potential.” They have been designed carefully for unlocking an individual’s creative potential.  Wouldn’t this be a happier planet if more people sang, danced, played music and created art together?  The SpiritArts method supports the artist in everyone.

Healer, Teacher, Artist, Musician

Lynn Miller MA, is a Music therapist and is on faculty with Flute Haven Native Flute school. Lynn is also an eclectic artist, view her gallery. Lynn has transformed communities and institutions through community art. Lynn is also an accomplished musician. Listen to her CD. She has culminated her experience in her book Spiritarts and hopes to share her knowledge in a class or personal session with you.